About Me

Thank you so much for wanting to know about me. Where should I start? From my LOVE for interior design and fashion? No. Let me start by telling you about my background first!
I am originally from Tehran, Iran. I have been living in Toronto, Canada for the past 22 years. Right now, I live with my husband and my two boys.
As for my education, I started my study in Chemical Engineering first at Sharif University, Tehran but I had to finish it here at UofT after our move to Toronto. Right after graduation, I decided to study Interior Design as I always loved it and never got a chance to do it. From the time I got my degree in Interior Design, I have been working as an interior designer specializing in millwork and furniture design.

Ok, now why did I start this blog? I told you already that I love fashion. I am very good at finding great items from all different sources and putting them together well( get it ?Well Put Together.). I don’t mean I am an expert in any shape or form but I am just good at it. That is all. I love designer brands but I am not stuck on them. I am not interested in getting the “it” things. But I should also add that sometimes I’d end up getting them not knowing they are “it” to begin with:) So I do three outfits posts every week. They are not necessarily on trends or all new items but that is how I dress every day.
Also I love antiquing. I really care about home décor and love decors that show the real characteristics of the home owners. So I decided to do one home décor post every Saturday on the blog to show you how I rearrange things around our house and also show you my new finds that are mostly either from Garage Sales/Antique Markets or high end stores:) Contradiction, right? But that is what makes our life interesting, you don’t agree?
I guarantee here and now that I will be an inspiration to a lot of people in my own small and humble way. In a similar way that I am inspired by so many talented and amazing bloggers everyday. Those blogs have helped me to remind myself everyday that my own life is still very important even though I am so immersed in my family life and even though there are days that I forget about my own dreams and my own being altogether. They make me try my best to take a good care of my physical and mental needs first and foremost so I can take care of my family.
So this is me and where I am from. And this is my blog. I Sincerely hope that you’ll find it interesting and worthwhile your visit. Even if you don’t with your first visit, come back and give me a chance and I promise you will want to come back everyday, haha! Even if you don’t, it is all good:)
If you decide to talk to me, please do it through the comment section on my posts or email me at wellputtogetherstyle@gmail.com

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